Company Profile

Durum Wheat or (Malwa Shakti,/Bansi Wheat) is the only tetraploid species of wheat of commercial importance that is widely cultivated today. Central India comprise of large scale production of Durum Wheat. Madhya Pradesh is considered as the hub of Durum Wheat which is grown in almost half of the total geographical area of the state.

We are leading Durum Wheat Products manufacturer and other agro products traders. These food products are made using finest Quality of Durum Wheat that are sourced from directly from farmer and reputed supplier & traders. Our range is acclaimed for its standard, nutritional content, usages and purity.

The Company's principle is "Ready to deliver the Consistent Best Quality product", inspires the company to produce the Quality products. Shri Kailash Grain Mills Pvt. Ltd., with wide range of business interests. It is a strong , dynamic & constantly growing company with the focus on the customers service, quality & innovation.

The company comprises of experienced and outstanding staff sincerely devoted to provide the best work. It has a healthy working environment. Management is focused towards personal and social growth of the Shri Kailash Grain Mills Pvt. Ltd. to delivers a wide range of well-attributed products.


The company is willing to enhance market share and product mix not only in the local market but also planned to penetrate in the Global market and holds a reputation to play an important role in the present market scenario.

The Company also has a significant presence in domestic market of Durum wheat products with wide range of quality products.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

The quality control is carried out with the inward inspection of the raw material and also with the regular in-process inspection during production and quality assurance of our products is given on the basis of Visual Quality checking at different stages. The word, "Quality, is the point of focus for the company. Quality control dept. runs parallel to all the other departments. With every phase the product materials undergo from Quality control system.

Growth Synergy

The Company plans to enhance their customer base and turn over four times within next five years. It takes pride on its consistent growth rate and constantly works towards adding feathers on their cap. Growth relates to company and community both. The company has achieved its growth in terms of higher production, good market share and market reputation with quality products, cost effectiveness, growth and competitive environment for employees, and best services.

Company's Strength

Conscious endeavor to increase efficiency, meeting the exact needs of customers, quality consistency and enabling the interface between highly focused production department and maintenance of customer satisfaction are discernible traits of the company. It aptly assets the ingenuity in the field of manufacturing Durum Wheat Products with quality to meet the customer requirement.

Human resource renders their excellent services and skills to bring out the best.

Customer Harmony

The sub structural principal of "Ready to deliver the Consistent Best Quality Product" is accompanied by the management's philosophy of "Mutually Beneficial, fruitful and long term relationship with customers". Special attention is paid on understanding the needs of the customers and all the efforts thereafter are directed towards meeting the exact requirements. Every statement coming from the customer is welcomed and abides by prompt replies, smoother communications, quality consistency, on time delivery and feedback from the end users, some few services deals with extra care.